Saturday, January 10, 2009


Hey Guys :)
I'm sorry if this will annoy you but I have moved :)
uhmm, this is my new blog, 
inform me there if you relinked me, kayy? then i'll add you back :p


Thursday, January 8, 2009

sugar we're going down

HEY GUYS! Long post, can you keep up? >:)

Man has it been long since I blogged here. Oh well, I'm back, for now :) hope school doesn't be busy anymore.
Anyways, I have this book report thing in english that will take up 2 months of the remaining 3 of the whole term. Which is good, I like the book I'm reading eclipse!!!!! yess, we got to choose our own!
Can you beloeve it?! My korean friend is reading TWILIGHT! for a book report!!! what the hell?! :)) And 2 or 3 are reading Breaking Dawn. Call Philippines a really twilight obsessed country next to US :))

On other news, the contest I won is giving me a huge temptation to give up my bs to a new and fresh site! It's still doing the 'process' before it could be shown publicly in the internet, Ate Cyndy's site went down and she's using the same hosting that she'll give me for my new site so we'll have to wait, but she thought of a great idea to switch my host! thanks :D

OH! And have you guys heard that Taylor Lautner will not play Jacob anymore? :( THAT IS A LIE! \:D/ Chris Weitz said so!! oh yeahhh! but i'm still team Edward 8D

That's it :D expect a photoblog the next post, I'm sure to have a LOT to say ;)

Monday, December 29, 2008

say you hate me


I hate to be such an IDIOT but I lost all your links.

dangit, did a new theme and then forgot to copy paste the links [doh doh doh]

So maybe comment or leave a tag to be added? I also am annoyed with my many links so this can show me who actually views my blog and doesn't link me for popularity or something.

once again, I am SORRY. Call me an idiot, I deserve it :